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Arenal Kioro Unforgettable! (INOLVIDABLE EN ESPAÑOL)

By Rigoberto Vargas talking to Mr.Ricardo Araya, owner and founder of Arenal Kioro

view from a suite of Arenal Kioro

ARENAL KIORO, is located 10 kilometers Northwest from La Fortuna in San Carlos, in front of the majestic Arenal Volcano. Breathtaking views of the most active volcano of Costa Rica, I shared a really nice cup of coffee, freshly brewed with Mr. Ricardo Araya, the owner and founder of this beautiful place.

Mr.Ricardo Araya C

It was my first time visiting this place, only one word come to my mind AMAZING! Well trimmed gardens, nice pathways and to be honest some of the best views in the area, 360 degrees, not matter which way I turned it gave me a breathtaking view of the nature around me. What a place! I took a nice walk in the compound, I see how every detail has been taking care, the friendly staff, which are doing everything to make this place the best. This makes me feel good to know that is all about team work, when I turn around and ask Mister Ricardo, why is that? Why do they work that way? His answer was, well we are family, and this business is operated by me and my family, I expect everyone from my staff to keep the place clean and always be ready to serve our guests. As he said this a smile appeared on his face as the proud owner of Arenal Kioro. It has been seven years since he bought the land, and sitting under a tree one day,he had a vision of how he wants to build this hotel. He without doubt is a visionary, people said when he acquired the property that he bought the worst part of the land, nobody will be able to build in those hills, and today when you arrive and see the property it is hard to believe someone said that, The process is far from over,as they are always improving the place. He has a philosophy that reflects in his operations. He is not looking for customers, he is looking for friends, as he hopes that every person that use his services becomes exactly that a new friend, a new member of his “family” and that is the way they are going to make you feel when you visit Arenal Kioro.

His philosophy is simple and comes to this “Create in our customers unforgettable experiences, based on the natural beauty that surrounds us with first class services, in harmony with environmental sustainability policies.” And I witnessed how they are pursuing the conservation of the surrounded area, in a really nice balance with nature and sustainability that in the end provide the tourist and guest with first class service.

The Arenal Kioro Suites & Spa Hotel commits to the following…


To be able to guarantee the conservation and efficient use of resources.

To respect nature and to transmit that respect by means of the living experience to our guests, employees and community.

To apply the 5 stars as far as the use of the resources and handling of waste: to recycle, to reuse, to repair, to reject and to reduce.

To encourage saving water and energy.

To encourage active participation from the local communities to express their opinions to support the use and development of local micro companies.

To be co-authors in making an effort to recover the values and traditions of the community.

To inform and sensitize both the guests and employees in regards to our sustainable policies.

To protect our flora and fauna, we are completely against extracting plants or wild animals. We condone commercializing flora and fauna species and we do not keep wild animals in captivity.

To consume traditional, organic products preferably, in recyclable packing and high quality local produce

The Arenal Kioro is not only about lodging. It has a first class restaurant which offers exquisite plates elaborated by their chef with originals recipes based on an international kitchen that specializes in meats and shellfish. Besides the taste of a great variety of plates you will be able to observe the natural beauty of the Arenal Volcano and its surroundings that will make your visit an unforgettable experience.

Arenal Kioro Spa

The Spa a first class operation and quite possibly the ultimate spa experience, in the area,

Also in the Tours and Info desk they will be happy to assist you with the most complete packages in tours, packed full of action, or relaxing tours that fit your needs. They will go the extra mile to please you.

They have a really nice Honeymoon packages available and Arenal Kioro has two conference facilities one is a type L salon with a maximum capacity of 250 seated persons in an auditorium style with /AC/ and wireless internet. And the other is a much smaller room with the capability to assist 50 seated persons in a auditorium style with /AC/ and wireless internet.

Last but not least you have a nice Hot Springs in the property and series of nice Jacuzzi type pools with natural hot water surrounded by the lust of beautiful gardens, fruit trees, birds, butterflies, and the sound of nature, which will take you to an innerplace that will please your soul, when you stay at this property. Make this place your home base when you visit the Arenal Area.


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