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Serial Killer Couple Wanted in Panama, Caught In Nicaragua

William Adolfo Cortez – the man suspected in four homicides in Panama and his wife who fled to Costa Rica and became the subject of a massive manhunt, were arrested in Nicaragua on Monday when the couple tried to cross into that country by boat on the San Juan river.
Reports say that the couple avoided the Fuerza Pública (police) post, stealing a power boat to get away, but were confronted by machine guns of the Nicaraguan army when they decided to surrender peacefully.

The army said the two foreigners were arrested after they ignored warnings from soldiers posted at the border to stop.

The arrest was the conclusion of a manhunt for the couple, whose nationality remained unconfirmed by authorities.

Costa Rican authorities first learned of the couple from Panamanian authorities that the fugitive couple could be in Costa Rica after committing various murders in Bocas del Toro, Panama.

Costa Rica officials located the house the couple had rented a house in Santa Cruz de Turrialba, when the owners of the house called police after learning who their tenants could be.

According to the landlord, “Wild Bill” as William Adolfo Cortez is known and his wife had offered to buy his house, using the same scam in Panama that ended in the killings.

When police arrived, the couple had already fled and were believed to be making their way north, possibly to Nicaragua.

The couple is currently in the custody in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua Refuses To Hand Over To Costa Rica Serial Killer Couple Wanted In Panama

The Nicaraguan army said Monday afternoon that they would not be handing over to Costa Rica officials the fugitive couple that was the subject of a manhunt in Costa Rica and Panama, wanted for committing various murders in Bocas del Toro, Panama.

The couple are currently in the hands of Nicaraguan immigration officials who, according to the Nicaraguan army, has the responsibility to decide the future of the couple, who have been identified by Panamanian authorities as William Adolfo Cortez (alias Wild Bill) and his wife, Jeana Seana.

Nicaraguan officials say the couple identified themselves as William Sectar Fecbar and Laura Michel Ruiz, both Dutch nationals, and are being detained in the San Carlos de Nicaragua immigration post.

According to a Nicaraguan military spokesperson, the couple were handed over to immigration officials because they attempted to enter Nicaraguan territory illegally.

“The entered Nicaragua illegally and will have to be processed by immigration authorities according to law. We cannot hand them over to anyone else”, said coronel Juan Ramón Morales, head of the Dirección de Relaciones Públicas del ejército de Nicaragua.

Morales said the couple identified themselves as Dutch nationals, presenting passports issued by the Netherlands.

Panamanian police, however, say the couple are American citizens and using various documents from other countries.


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