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Citizens Group Aims To Cap Crime In Costa Rica

The Crime Awareness and Prevention (CAP) is an initiative on a national level intended to rally the ex-pat community around the issue of Citizen Security.

The CAP aims to create a singular voice for ex-pats residing in Costa Rica who believe that it is crucual that the government take a tougher position on crime.

many ex-pats and Costa Ricans believe that fundamental action is required to ensure the safety and well-being of all law-abiding citizens and residents. Many Costa Ricans, Juan Diego Castro being one of the most outspoken, have made their position clear.

The CAP says it will be focusing their efforts on generating media support to encourage all people to sing the online petition which details the groups’ plan.

The group’s mission is to to assist in assuring the safety and security of every law abiding citizen, resident and visitor in Costa Rica through unifying and building communities, promoting crime awareness and prevention, thus becoming recognized and valued as a unified influential voice on a national level.

The CAP’s plan to cap crime includes sending a message to the criminals that “CRIME WILL NOT BE TOLERATED; fet the word out that: The Southern Zone is organized and equipped in our efforts to fight crime; support local police by helping to equip, assist, and improve existing locations; provide funds for police vehicles, motorcycles, equipment, surveillance and communication equipment; improve existing stations and check points; encourage community watch programs and phone trees among residents; increase area communication between police and residents; community involvement for fundraising and projects; and Encourage a ‘No Serve’ policy for local business owners refusing service to ‘known’ criminals, among other items.

For more information and/or to join this action, go to:


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