The Arenal Area Magazine

Closure Of The San Carlos Alternate Adds To Nightmare

Last night the San Carlos – Zarcero was also complete closed – adding to the nightmare faced by drivers – when two trucks collided on a sharp curve, one of the trucks being a gasoline tanker, forcing the closing in fear of an explosion.

The accident forced the evacuation of 35 people from their homes close to the accident for fear of an explosion of the tanker and fire from the spilled fuel.

The trucks collided some 20 kilometres south of Cuidad Quesada around 10pm. The Policía de Tránsito began warning drivers at Zarcero that the road ahead was closed.

The driver of the gasoline tanker, Lewis Aguilar Ruíz, was taken to the Hospital de San Ramón. Ruíz has worked with the gasoline station, Servicentro Barrantes y Vargas de Nicoya, transporting gasoline from the Recope refinery to the local gasoline station.


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