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Ticos Lose Fear Against AH1N1

Ticos Lose Fear Against AH1N1

The Escuela de Estadística de la Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR) in its third report says that Costa Ricans have lost fear in being infected with the AH1N1 virus that has claimed 15 lives this year and 67 from the first death in April 2009.

The results of the UCR poll shows that 67.9% of those interviewed say that the feel that the change of being infected is very low.

The ministra de Salud (Health minister), Maria Luisa Avila, said that the habit of washing hands and other hygiene practices has helped in the prevention.

The poll shows that only 12.9% purchased and used masks while the number in the first report was 19%, as well the percentage of those purchasing medication dropped from 13.8% to 5.7%.

Although the numbers are encouraging, Salud is not letting down its guard, announcing that a “vaccination day” is being planned for October, when 357.000 will be vaccinated against the AH1N1 and the influenza A & B.


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