The Arenal Area Magazine

First Woman President Celebrated 60th Anniversary Of First Female Vote In Costa Rica

Only sixty years ago did women in Costa Rica get the right to exercise their vote. And to celebrate the anniversary, presidenta Laura Chinchilla, the first woman president in Costa Rica’s history, took part in the celebrations in La Tigre de Carlos, where the first vote by women took place.

Accompanying her were 20 privileged women who exercised for the first time their right to vote on July 30, 1950.

During the ceremony, Chinchilla signed Ley No. 8844, known as “Bajos de Chilamate-Vuelta de Kopper”, which will allow the construction of 27 kilometres of road and 11 birdges that will significantly shorten travel between the Northern Zone and the Caribbean coast.

As well the president inaugurated the new home of the Equipo Básico de Atención Integral en Salud (Ebais) de La Tigra.


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