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Monday Is A Holiday, But Not A "Pago Obligatorio"

This is a long weekend with Monday, August 2, being a legal holiday.

However, August 2 is a “non-paid” holiday, meaning most will probably have the day off, but employers will be under no legal obligation to pay his or her employees.

The August 2 holiday – the Dia de la Virgen Los Angeles, like the October 12 holiday (Dia de las Culturas or Dia de la Raza), are holidays listed in the Codigo de Trabajo (Labour Code) and classified as public holidays but with no obligation on an employer’s part to pay his or her employee or “feriados de pago no obligatorio” in Spanish.

So, what does this all mean? Is it a holiday or not?

Simply, it is a holiday, but it is up to the employer if he or she wants to pay you, although you may not have a choice in the matter as your place of work may be closed.

In the case of banks and financial institutions, they are all closed and most will pay their employees. In the case of supermarkets and malls, they will be open, and employees who work on Monday will be paid their “normal” wages.

As to offices (like doctors, dentists, etc), factories and other businesses most will be closed. Call ahead if you have an appointment or need to visit on Monday. As to public offices – those of the central government and institutions and agencies, like ICE, AyA, Fuerza y Luz, etc, they are closed.

The next legal holiday, which is a “Pago Obligatorio” is August 15 or Mother’s Day in Costa Rica.


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