The Arenal Area Magazine

Collapse Of Interamericana Cost Hotel Operators Big Time

The hopes of hotel operators in Guanacaste and other tourist areas north of the Central Valley this long weekend were dashed with the washing out of the Interamericana Norte near Miramar, Puntarenas, nearly choking off tourism to the area this weekend.

Although the road was re-opened on Friday afternoon, the damage to tourism had been done, as tourists – both national and foreign – decided not to challenge the alternate routes which were completely congested since Wednesday night’s force of the raging waters of the Seco river.

According to a report by La Republica, most affected were small hotel operators, even though the big hotels saw their share of cancellations.

The report says that in the Hotel Casa del Moar in S√°mara, 76% of the rooms were empty on Friday. This represents a general trend in the entire hotel sector of Guanacaste and Nicoya.

Other than the complete closure of the Interamericana, many decided to cancel rather than brave the traffic and the unknown on the alternate routes, most of which are two lane narrow roads winding through the mountains of San Carlos and La Fortuna.

Some hotel operators say the road collapse came at a very crucial time, a time when hotel operators where looking forward to cashing in on the long weekend.


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