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A new Costa Rican beer: Golden Monkey Rock Ice

Costa Rica is now offering the world a new beer, the Golden Monkey Rock Ice. This is definitely a beer for the gourmet beer drinker who likes exotic flavors. This beer features the flavor of the mangosteen fruit from Indonesia.

If you have never heard of this fruit before, don’t be surprised, it has been rarely sold in the United States, Canada or Europe. However, in Southeast Asia, this is the most popular and most expensive fruit in the market. The fruit grows on trees that grow from 20–80 feet tall. The rind of the fruit is deep reddish purple when ripe. The edible flesh can be described as sweet and tangy, with peach flavor and texture. Additionally, the mangosteen fruit is undergoing heavy research. The health claims for this fruit are extensive.

An example of the mangosteen fruit.

The catchy name and the impressive logo comes from the fact that this fruit is often considered a treasure or a “golden fruit”. The area in which the mangosteen is native, is known to have different types of monkeys as custodians of their temples. According to tradition, the monkeys usually receive fruit as offerings, by the locals.

“Golden Monkey appeals precisely due to this combination of factors: it is a special fruit and exotic, it is a different beer, it is a treasure to savor and a primitive instinct to care for,” says Joseph Altmann, Rock Ice Brand Manager of Cervecería Costa Rica.

All beer in Costa Rica is produced by the Cerveceria of Costa Rica, which is owned by the Florida Ice and Farm Company. They offer a wide selection of excellent beers some of which like Heineken is brewed under an agreement with the parent company and some which are unique to Costa Rica.


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