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An Estimated 2 Million Took Part In This Year's Romeria

An Estimated 2 Million Took Part In This Year’s Romeria

On foot almost two million people will have visited Cartago by Sunday night to pay homage to the patron saint of Costa Rica, La Virgen de los Angeles (La Negrita). The majority of the “romeros” make the annual pilgrimage on Sunday, while many others took advantage on Saturday and earlier in the week.

More photos of the romeria are found in our photo journal.

By 3:00pm Sunday, the Calle Vieja (old road) to Cartago that goes from the east end of San José of Tres Ríos was fully jammed of romeros.

The Policía de Tránsito had closed off the Calle Vieja entirely. Also the two west bound lanes of the autopista were closed off to vehicular traffic until later in the day when only one lane was being used by romeros.

In the centre of Cartago, police roped off from vehicular traffic two major streets and the area immediately surrounding the Basilica. The only vehicles permitted were emergency vehicles, police, residents of the area closed off and garbage trucks hauling off the tons of garbage and debris left behind.

All in all the “romeria” was peaceful and uneventful.

A visitor from Canada commented to ICR of the orderly gathering of so many people and the small police presence, especially of the riot police units and lack of any type of demonstrations.

The large number of faithful this year due was partly due that there was no romeria last year because of the spread of the AH1N1 virus.

This morning the religious ceremonies to celebrate the anniversary of La Negrita begins at 9am and is being televised live on national television.


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