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Costa Rica Hits Up China For $221 Million Dollars.We Need It More Than They Do.

During the meeting China’s Foreign Minister, Yang Jiechi, Costa Rica’s president, Laura Chinchilla, is following the steps of her predecessor and mentor, Oscar Arias, sticking out her hand for more money from the Asiatic giant.

China is already building the new national stadium, an us$80 million dollar plus donation to the people of Costa Rica. China has also donated some 200 new police cars made in China and for use by the Fuerza Pública and many other donations in the last three years since Costa Rica and China restored diplomatic relations.

That was done at the cost of throwing out the Taiwanese and their donations.

Hey, China is a wealth country, they can afford to give a little more. No? And we (Costa Rica) needs a new road.

Thus the presidenta hit up Jiechi for us$221 million dollars to expand the 108 kilometres of the carretera Río Frío-Limón to four lanes.

And another us$7.9 million to improve the 38 kilometres of the Río Frío-Puerto de Viejo de Sarapiquí.

René Castro, Costa Rica’s foreign minister, said the second stage of Costa Rica – China relations, the first being the stadium and other projects.

Jeichi made his way to Costa Rica at 1pm on Sunday with his first stop at Casa Presidencial, where presidenta Laura took a break from her “romeria” to greet the Chinese minister, ask for some cash and back to the romeria, this time to ask the Virgen for help to put a stop to rise in violence in Costa Rica.

Jeichi’s next stop was the Cancilleria (foreign ministry).

Costa Rica’s foreign minister said that the controversial subject of “visas for Chinese workers” was never mentioned during their talks. How could they after hitting up Jeichi for millions?
souce Under The Sun
For his part, ministro de Obras Públicas y Transportes, Francisco Jiménez, explained that the priority was given to Limón which will in turn go towards the expansion of the ports in the Caribbean side of the country and the expansion of the refinery in Limón.

Oh, lest we not forget that the Chinese are interested in the refinery business in Costa Rica and that though the presidenta had to stick her hand out, the Chinese will need the road for the refinery.

In the end it works out well for everybody. At least the government and the Chinese, but the rest of us have to suffer trough road closures, mud slides, falling rocks, falling and faulty bridges, loss of tourism to areas like Jacó, Quepos and all of Guanacaste.


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