The Arenal Area Magazine

Today Is A Holiday In Costa Rica

Today is a holiday in Costa Rica, but “not a pago obligatorio”, which means employers do not have to pay his or her employees if they take the day off.

So, is it a holiday or not?

While some businesses are open, others are not. While some employers expect their workers to show up for the day, others do not.

In the end, if an employee takes the day off, he or she cannot be penalized, but nor will they have the right to be paid the day. On the other side, employees who are asked to work today will only get their normal pay.

So, unlike other holidays where there is not work being carried out, today, it is a hodge-podge. Some people are at work, while others are the beach or resorts and the most in Cartago.

So, to those who are taking the day off, enjoy. To those who have to work, the next holiday is August 15, this time a “pago obligatorio” holiday.


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