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Catholic Church Calls For End To Poverty and Inequality In Costa Rica; Presidenta Calls For End To Violence

Going off script, Costa Rica’s Archbishop, Hugo Barrantes, called for more equality and less poverty in the country in a celebration marked by an obvious harmony between the government and the Catholic Church, during Monday morning’s ceremonies at the Basilica de Cartago.

The remark by the monseñor is the “strongest” remark towards the government, as he walked towards the Basilica at the end of the ceremonies that marked the 375th anniversary of the discovery of the image of the Virgen de los Angeles (La Negrita).

“We are in the same, that Costa Rica continue to build a solidarity that the overcome social inequality”, said the Bishop of San Jose.

Accompanying the Bishop for the August 2 traditional mass outside the Basilica in front of the tens of thousands of “romeros” and the hundreds of thousands watching live at home on television, were also Cardinal José Francisco Robles, the Archbishop of Monterrey, México, and all the Bishops and priests of the different communities in Costa Rica.

Robles explained that the main ties that unite Costa Rica and Mexico as a poeple is the faith in Jesus Christ and love and devotion to the Virgin Mary.

In her speech before the multitudes, Costa Rica’s presidenta, Laura Chinchilla, called for an end to violence and prayed to the Virgen to light her way in this task.

“This country over the generations has been built on three foundations: family, school and church,” she said.

Chinchilla called on parents, grandparents and siblings to instill in children and adolescents values of respect, affection and solidarity.

“The inconsistency between the preaching and example should disappear from our daily practices,” said Chinchilla.


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