The Arenal Area Magazine

Costa Rica University Students Reject US Military Presence

The Higher Council of the Costa Rican Students Federation expressed its rejection to the deployment of US Marines and ships in Costa Rican national territory, with the pretext of fighting drug trafficking.

The presence of 7,000 soldiers, 46 war ships and more than 200 helicopters violates the National Constitution and intimidates the citizenship, said students in a document published by Costa Rican digital newspaper El Pais Monday.

The document said the National Constitution establishes that the forces in charge of surveillance and public order are the police forces, and not the military forces.

The document regarded the US warlike deployment as unnecessary to justify the fight against drug trafficking

Costa Rican political scientist Rodolfo Cerdas said the authorization to US Marines and military forces of all kinds to enter Costa Rican territory makes the Central American country part of an unknown military strategy.

At the end of July, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez warned of the existence of aggressive plans against Venezuela by the US government, using the Colombian government as its spearhead, and cited the deployment of forces in Costa Rica as one example of the warlike actions.


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