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Mother's Day In Costa Rica Around The Corner

Mother’s Day is fast approaching in Costa Rica and retailers and restaurants are getting ready for the big day on Sunday, August 15.

A poll by the furm Unimer this week reveals that the majority of the 287 mothers interviewed will be looking for personal are items as gifts. Skin creams and hair treatments top the list, followed by perfumes and makeup.

The poll shows that tastes vary with age, the younger mothers, between 18 and 24 and those between 30 and 39, prefer clothing, while those between 25 and 29 and between 50 and 65 prefer personal care items, while those between 40 and 49 perfumes and makeup.

Many of the mothers interviewed said they don’t want flowers, a revealing fact since a separate poll of men showed thatn 20% would be giving their mother flowers on their special day.

The poll reveals that other gift items topping the list of preferred items are computers and appliances.

Retailers know this and at “importadoras” like El Gallo, Monge and Casa Blanca, special offers are common place. These retailers not only promote their wares, but offer attractive financin packages at small weekly payments with big interest rates attached to them.

At the malls, like Multiplaza in Escazú, department stores like Carrion and the new entry to the Costa Rican market, SIMAN, are looking to cash in the second biggest sales event of the year.

Some tips on choosing the correct mother’s day present are to first recognize and identify the type of mother you have: if flirtatious, technological or executive. Knowing the tastes of your mother will make it easy to choose what to get her.

On mother’s day, it is also best to invite her out to breakfast, lunch or dinner, to spare her the cooking for the day.

Restaurants are getting ready for big business day on mother’s day.

The president of the restaurant association, the Cámara de Restaurantes y Afines, Edgar Marín, explained that restaurants have reported low volumes during the past year due to the economic crisis, but expect and are ready with offers to attract as many customers as possible next Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Whatever your decision, remember that this is the woman who brought you into the world and it is important to thank her in a special way on her day come August 15.

In Costa Rica, mother’s day is also legal holiday.


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