The Arenal Area Magazine

Maintenance And Repair Of Roads In Costa Rica Begins Tomorrow

Monday, August 9, could be see as a good day or the day that driver frustration mounts, as the Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes (MOPT) begins repair and maintenance work on 21 national roads.

The Contraloría General de la República (Comptroller’s office) approved the contracts that allows the resurfacing of many roads and the repair and maintenance of guard rails, cutting of grass and picking up of resufe along the side of roads.

Particular attention will be give to Ruta 32 (San José – Guapiles), Ruta 1 (the Interamericana North and South), the Bernardo Soto (San José airport to Grecia) and ruta 27, Próspero Fernández (San José – Caldera).

The maintenance and repair contracts are only for three months, pending the outcome of appeals to 11 other contracts awarded.

The ministro de Obras Públicas y Transportes, Francisco Jiménez, said he is hopeful that by mid September the rest of the contracts will in place.

The work is to be carried out by private contractors and on Friday the “Unidades de Inspección” (inspection units) were formed to oversee the inspection of the work.


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