The Arenal Area Magazine

Credomatic Music Festival

August 7-22, 2010. The Credomatic Music festival is considered as one of the most important of music festivals in Costa Rica- a country renowned for its support of many types of music making.

The Credomatic Music Festival started in 1991 during the commemoration worldwide of the year of Mozart. In that year, a few Costa Rican musicians returning from study in Europe put a simple but novel proposal to the Costa Rican Minister of Tourism: organize an international music festival, inspired by the Europeans. However, instead of medieval castles or Roman ruins as backdrop, the activity would take place in Costa Rica’s natural environment. The result has been that over the years, the Festival has brought internationally-recognized artistes from Asia, Europe, South America and North America to perform both in the capital San José as well as in towns in the interior of the country. The Festival normally takes place at a number of venues, including hotels, churches and theatres. In the twenty years of its existence, its purpose has been to offer Costa Ricans a wide variety of music, especially various styles of chamber music, from the traditional to classical and even contemporary music, always maintaining high standards of quality.

Participants this year include the world famous Vienna Boys’ Choir (Austria); Musica Ficta (Colombia); the Albéniz Quartet (Spain); Teresa de La Torre, soprano and Montserrat Ardévol, guitar (Spain); Kirill Gliadkovsky, piano (Russia); and the NSSO (National Symphony Steel Orchestra) from Trinidad & Tobago. In a release to the Costa Rican press, Mr. Jordi Antich, the coordinator of the Festival, has stated that “the NSSO will provide the surprise [of the Festival] with the inclusion of the steel pan, a traditional instrument made from oil drums, playing Verdi, Tchaikovsky, Mozart [and] Rossini”. Antich also said that “the steel orchestra is interesting because it challenges the concept of classical music. It dares to go beyond”.


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