The Arenal Area Magazine

New Risk Points Discovered On The San José – Caldera

Just when you thought it was almost safe to drive the San José – Caldera, especially the section between Orotina and Atenas, new risk points have been identified by the road concessionaire, Autopistas del Sol, with the heavy rains of the past two weeks.

The new risk points have been points were potential landslides have forced the concessionaire to partially or totally close the road for hours at a time during the past week, as a preventive measure.

The ministro de Obras Públicas y Transportes, Francisco Jimenez, stresses that the concessionare needs to make additional corrections to the autopista due to the new risk points and is waiting on a full report by Autopistas.

Jiménez explained that the falling of rocks and debris occurred on only one of the lanes on the Orotina – Atenas section of the autopista, but for safety sake and to avoid tragedy, the entire road was closed off to vehicular traffic to allow the free movement of machinery to clear the road.

The minister also explained that Autopistas is under obligation to control traffic movement through the affected areas and closely monitor the situation at all times.


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