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Wonders of Costa Rica

Then there are the Seven Wonders of Costa Rica, selected by Costa Ricans themselves: mighty Arenal Volcano, close to the town La Fortuna, with plenty of activities, hot springs, zip lines, fishing at the lake, red lava views, horse-riding, hiking, you will find breathtaking views, amazing places,excellent restaurants, and great bars, also the Catarata La Fortuna a must place to visit, an amazing waterfall, and spectacular Poas Volcano. Little visited Monteverde Cloudforest Reserve with its great plant and animal diversity—including the only butterfly in the world that makes a noise! Halfway to the Galapagos is magnificent Cocos Island, called the “most beautiful island in the world” by Jacques Cousteau, a famous pirate hiding place with huge fortunes buried but never found, and the best large animal diving on the planet. Cerro Chirripo is the tallest mountain in Central America and as you climb from its tropical base to its summit, you may think you are in the Andes with its cold glacial lakes. Or, take a pleasant hike to Rio Celeste (Celestial River) where the river magically changes from crystal clear to sky-blue in front of your eyes. Finally, there is remote Tortuguero National Park, with mile after mile of seemingly deserted beaches—until the wondrous sea turtle invade by the tens of thousands to nest.

No visit to the country by a Costa Rica car rental company would be complete without spending some time at the stunning beaches. Indeed, many tourists spend most of their vacation along the beaches. Among the most beautiful in the world, you will find many different types of beaches in Costa Rica: black sand beaches, white sand beaches, coral sand beaches, even boulder strewn rugged beaches. Most of the most popular resorts and fancy hotels are located on the Pacific coast but you will find that the Caribbean coast also has no shortage of beautiful places to go too. The Pacific coast is more-and-more Americanized while the Caribbean has a unique, distinctive, Caribbean aura.

No vacation is complete without visiting several of its simply amazing beaches. You are going to find nearly 800 miles of beaches: white sand beaches, brown sand beaches, black sand beaches, even coral beaches. Dozens have famed ‘Blue Flag’ certificates meaning they are the best of the best. The north Pacific coast is increasingly developed with great resorts, hotels, golf courses. Meanwhile, the Caribbean coast remains far more undeveloped while maintaining its particular Caribbean flavor. There are very popular beaches (particularly over Easter and Christmas) and virtually deserted beaches. To go from one to another is often just a few minutes’ drive by Adobe Rent a Car

The capital is definitely worth a visit too. At night, San Jose and most of the beach communities provide lots of adult entertainment. Restaurants, theaters, cinemas, bars, nightclubs (many, very adult in tone and tenor), gambling, and beautiful women—what happens here, stays here.


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