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  1. Welcome Traveler
    In this page you can log your travel experience in La Fortuna, please help another fellow travelers sharing your experience in this beautiful part of Costa Rica.

    June 29, 2010 at 1:29 pm

  2. We just got back from a great trip to Costa Rica. One of the high points was fishing on Lake Arenal with Captain Marc. It was a good way to see wildlife and the volcano while fishing for rainbow bass. Afterward we asked the folks at our hotel restaurant to cook the fish. Delicious.
    We didn’t need to bring anything except a camera, although we had packed sunscreen and raincoats, just in case.
    A half day fishing for the two of us was $200. It was easy to set it up ahead of time by email and then we called him the day before to confirm. (He speaks English fluently.)

    July 4, 2010 at 10:06 am

  3. rigo

    For four wonderful days, my girlfriend and I stayed in the town La Fortuna at the base of the Arenal volcano.
    Before going we were unsure about so much: Is it better to stay on the “lava viewing” side of the volcano? how do you best enjoy the hot springs? what else is there to do? These questions went unanswered and so we just showed up and prayed for good luck. Our prayers were answered. We chose to stay at the Hotel Jireh which was a simple, clean and very well located in the center of town. The best part of the hotel: Alberto and his company, Costa Rican Descentes, which is in the lobby of the hotel. They are the only providers of class V river rafting in La Fortuna. We did a two day trip with them which was great. It involved class V water and rappelling down a 100ft waterfall. Meals were provided and we camped in tents by the side of the river. For dinner, we all pitched in to help build the fire and get things set up for the guides to cook up great pasta. Alberto also helped us to set up visiting the hot springs and viewing the volcano. He made sure that we were completely set in anything we did. Though we did not go on his tour, he gave us all of the info that we needed to visit the Arenal waterfall (which shouldn’t be missed!). Arenal had more adventure than any other city that we visited in Costa Rica. It all seemed to be right there. So now to answer my own questions: Is it better to stay on the “lava viewing” side of the volcano? Not necessarily. You can see the volcano from La Fortuna its just not the side to see lava from. So the question becomes, did you come to see lava (which may be possible and in which case, you should stay at one of the nicer resorts) or come to visit la fortuna where the volcano is one of your many activities? If you come for multiple reasons, stay in town. how do you best enjoy the hot springs? A tour for $40 from Alberto or possibly other companies includes transport to the Volcano for viewing and then a visit to the actual river that supplies the warm water. You do not make it into the actual resort but the river itself felt much more authentic. what else is there to do? The Fortuna waterfall should not be missed. It is very special place in costa rica. There are a couple of zip line operators. We worked with Sky Tram and they were extremely professional and provided a very safe, fun and exciting experience. If the the weather cooperates, there is a great hike at the base of the volcano in the national park.
    plus the activities above: rafting, volcano viewing , hotsprings.
    I am sure there is so much more to do, but this is a taste of what I was able to find in four days.

    see source
    Take from

    August 2, 2010 at 11:53 am

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